Bayaband Clogs, Lined Clogs and Jibbitz Charms

In April 26th, 2023, I ordered Navy/Pepper Bayaband Clogs Powder Blue/Multi Classic Lined Tie-Dye Clogs, White/Multi Classic Lined Holiday Charm Clogs and Super Mario 5 Pack and Game Controller Jibbitz Charm all by Crocs from the Crocs website. In the evening of April 30th, 2023, they came in the mail. That night, I tried the holiday ones on. Later, I put the Super Mario ones of the Jibbitz Charms on the Bayaband ones of the clogs. Then I put the Game Controller Jibbitz Charm on the left one of the Classic Lined Tie-Dye Clogs. Then, I tried the Bayaband ones on.


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