Buckets of Axolotls

In March 18th, 2023, I first saw the article of Minecraft’s Taking Inventory: Bucket of axolotl, on my Nintendo Switch.

Axolotls can leave the water and wander around on land for a while, but they need to return to it or they’ll eventually die. That’s why it’s important to keep them in a bucket when traveling over long distances. You can also use a bucket to name an axolotl – placing it into an anvil, the same way that you’d rename any other item.

Axolotls live in damp places in the real world too, but they’re now critically endangered – living in one small area of canals in Mexico. They were once found in several lakes around the country, but due to urbanization and water pollution, as well as invasive fish species, there are probably only about 50-1000 individuals left in the wild.

Nonetheless, axolotls are popular both as pets and for scientific research, due to their ability to regenerate parts of their body – including legs, the tail, and even bits of the brain, over just a few months. The axolotl genome is also about ten times larger than the human genome, which perhaps means that they’re much more advanced than we are and we just don’t understand it yet.


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