Stony Shores in Minecraft

In March 4th, 2023, I first saw the article of Minecraft, Around the Block: Stony Shore, on my Nintendo Switch.

In the real world, cliffs are a common feature along coastlines – formed over time as rough seas and roaring storms smash against an area of high ground. Most cliffs are close to vertical, but there’s no firm definition of exactly how vertical the slope needs to be before it counts as a cliff.

The world’s tallest sea cliff is the Thumbnail, part of Maujit Qaqarssuasia in southern Greenland, which drops 1,560 meters near-vertically into the ocean. But even taller cliffs can be found below sea level – including the astounding 8,000m drop down inside the Kermadec trench

All of these pale in comparison, however, to Verona Rupes – 20,000 meter cliff spotted by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1986 on Miranda, a moon of Uranus. Given the low gravity on Miranda, if you jumped off the top then it would take a full 12 minutes to hit the bottom. Plenty of time to consider what a terrible idea that was.


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