Pepsi, Chocolate Santas, Coca Cola, Vegetable Lo Mein, Pork Fried Rice, Spicy Prawn Soup, Mongolian Beef, Cheese Wontons, California Rolls, Sierra Mist, Bead Snowman and Totoro Keychains and Fortune Cookie

In February 10th, 2023, when Mom was in Chase, I had a can of Pepsi. Shortly, I had one of chocolate Santas bought from Aldi. I had the can with it. Shortly, I had another one of chocolate Santas bought from Aldi. I had the can also with it. Once she was done in Chase, I bought a League of Legends: Wild Rift edition of Coca Cola from Wal-Mart. She paid for it. Once I got in the Ford truck, I finished the whole bottle. Then, I went to Fortune Buffet and had vegetable lo mein and pork fried rice for dinner. Later, I had spicy prawn soup also for dinner. The soup has prawns, diced tomatoes and brined prawn broth. But I didn’t eat the tomatoes. Later, I had Mongolian beef also for dinner. The Mongolian beef has green bell pepper strips, onions and breaded sliced flank steak pieces in hoisin and soy sauces. Later, I had cheese wontons also for dinner. Later, I had California rolls also for dinner. The sushi has sesame seeds on them. I had Sierra Mist with no ice with the whole meal. When I was done eating dinner. I bought a bead snowman and Totoro keychains. When Mom was in CVS, I ate a fortune cookie.


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