Bacon King Meal, Creme Soda Coca Cola, Raspberry Peach Mello Yello and Candy Cane Twist Soft-serve Ice Cream

In December 30th, 2022, we went to Burger King and had a Bacon King meal for dinner. I had a large creme soda Coca Cola with the meal. When I was done eating, I had a large raspberry peach Mello Yello on the go. After Mom went into CVS, we went to What’s the Scoop and had a large candy cane twist soft-serve ice cream in a waffle cone for dessert. I took several licks from the ice cream. At home, in New Year’s Eve 2022, I finished the ice cream. The candy cane ice cream has a peppermint flavor and is light red in color. The twist soft-serve ice cream also has vanilla soft-serve ice cream.


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