Golden Carrots in Minecraft

In Christmas Eve 2022, I first saw Minecraft’s article, Taking Inventory: Golden Carrot, on my Nintendo Switch.

Golden carrots were added to Minecraft in the Pretty Scary Update in 2012 – the same update that added bats, zombie villagers, anvils, flowerpots, and item frames.

You might be wondering why golden carrots make night vision potions. It’s down to an old urban legend that carrots help you see in the dark. This is not actually true – it’s a myth that originates in propaganda put out by the British air force during the World War II to explain their improved success during night air battles. In reality, it was the use of red lights on instrument panels and improvements in radar technology that were the reasons for the success – but they didn’t want their enemies to know that, so they gave the credit to carrots instead.

Luckily, carrots are packed with vitamins A, K and B6, as well as lots of natural sugars.

You add some gold leaf to a carrot, and you’ve got yourself a home-made golden carrot.


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