Jagged Peaks in Minecraft

I saw Minecraft’s Around The Block: Jagged Peaks article on my Nintendo Switch.

There’s some debate about how a “peak” is defined, because mountains rarely stand-alone and usually form in clusters. A high point surrounded by downward terrain which is nonetheless fairly close to a higher summit is sometimes called a “subsummit”, and considered part of the same mountain.

For example, the highest mountain in Minecraft’s Swedish homeland is called Kebnekaise and it has two peaks. The southern one, covered with snow and ice, used to be the highest, at 2,120 meters. But over the last 50 years, some of that ice has melted and the peak has shrunk by 24 meters. As a result, the northern peak, which is ice-free, is now the highest.

In Minecraft, it’s entirely up to you what you call a peak. So get up there and start exploring the loftiest reaches of the overworld. Just be sure to wear some thermal underwear – it’s chilly up there.


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