Meadows in Minecraft

In August 13th, 2022, I first saw the Around the Block: Meadow article of Minecraft on my Nintendo Switch. The meadows of Minecraft are mostly inspired by alpine meadows, where trees struggle to grow due to the cold.

In the real world, a meadow is the name given to any open and predominantly grassy area. They naturally occur in some places, where the climate or soil make it hard for trees to grow, but more commonly you’ll find meadows where humans have chopped down forests to grow hay and other animal food, or to keep livestock.

Meadows are vital to the lives of many animals – they’re a place for nesting, gathering food, pollinating, finding a mate, and even sheltering from bad weather if the grass is tall enough. Those grasses also store a lot of carbon in their roots, making meadows important when it comes to climate change.


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