Animal Crossing Lunchables

In July 21st, 2021, Mom bought a turkey and American Cracker Stackers Lunchables with Raymond the cat and Isabelle the Shi Tzu from Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the box art and with a code inside the box from Price Chopper. In August 1st, 2021, I drank a Capri Sun from the Lunchables. In October 12th, 2021, she ate the turkey, cheese and crackers for lunch. In October 13th, 2021, I entered the code in in the Capri Sun website and didn’t win anything. In November 1st, 2021, she ate a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup also from the Lunchables. The turkey is white lean turkey meat by Oscar Mayer. The cheese is American cheese by Kraft. The Capri Sun is a Pacific Cooler Capri Sun. A Pacific Cooler Capri Sun’s ingredients are 100% real apple, grapes, pineapple and cherry. Raymond the cat has grey fur, black ears and paws, white hair and odd eyes and wears eyeglasses.


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