Demon Slayer in Ninjala

In June 29th, 2021, I saw the Demon Slayer crossover of Ninjala having started in July 20th, 2021 and ending in August 31st, 2021 on my Nintendo Switch. In August 1st, 2021, I got the Demon Slayer 6 IPPON decoration, bought the Nezuko Kamado Style and got some weapons from the Muzan Kibutsuji Style Gacha Gumball Machine. In November 30th, 2022, the second part of the crossover began. In January 7th, 2023, I purchased 2800 Jalas along with Makomo’s mask. Later, I bought the Daki Style and the Nezuko Kamado and Nezuko In A Box Gum Utsusemis. Demon Slayer is short for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and is a record-breaking manga and anime series that is published by Shueisha in the manga version, published by Aniplex in the anime version and is set in Taisho-Era Japan.


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