Eric’s BBQ

I remembered Eric’s party. It had BBQ, pulled pork, fried chicken, George’s homemade lasagna, baked beans, chili, tuna macaroni salad, cheese balls by UTZ, mini twist pretzels by UTZ, American cheese that are for hamburgers to put on to make cheeseburgers, yellow mustard by Heinz, ketchup also by Heinz, sauerkraut, vanilla cupcakes with red-flesh watermelon-designed vanilla frosting on top, cannoli chips and dip, cake, soda, canned iced tea, bottled waters, beer, wine, other alcoholic drinks, music, a swimming pool and a blue bean bag toss with Buffalo Bills logos on them. In June 26th, 2021, I went there with Mom and Dad. I ate too much for dinner, and then later I had two types of cannoli chips and dip for dessert. Mom and Dad brought 2-liter bottles of root beer by A&W and Fanta Orange soda and bag of Doritos or two to the party for snack before I ate too much for dinner. The tuna macaroni salad has mayonnaise, tuna, elbow pasta and diced celery. The lasagna has ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, ground beef and tomato sauce in it. I drank a couple of the bottled waters and a couple of cans of Mountain Dew. It was so much fun. Eric lives with his wife in Montgomery, New York. The party was located in their backyard. The swimming pool has a swan float ring and flamingo drink floats floating on the pool water. The food from the BBQ are hot dogs, grilled chicken and the hamburgers. “Dirty Harry” was invited to the party with girls who are wearing swimsuits to swim in the heated pool. There was a rock-painting activity for the girls. Two of the girls who are older than the other girl were swimming in the pool in T-shirts over their bikini tops. One of the party guests was wearing a Reptar shirt that is a button-down shirt that is patterned with Reptars all over to the party. Eric and his wife have a hammock in their backyard. I drank another can of Mountain Dew from the party with a straw on my way home.


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